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Live Scan Fingerprinting

WE ARE OPEN FOR LIVE SCAN FINGERPRINTING! Live Scan fingerprinting services are “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers” in COVID-19. We have implemented new capture method called “FLATS on APPS” in order to reduce the amount of time and physical contact between the applicant and the live scan operator.If you are required to take a live scan or ink fingerprinting for employment, license , permit or certification, we can help. We Service ALL live scan Requests with FAST turn around time of results, in a matter of days or sooner to meet your needs! 

We fingerprint for all of the following live scan requests:

  • Background Check​
  • Employment & Volunteer
  • Licensing , Permits or Certifications
  • IHSS - In Home Support Service 
  • Ink Card (FBI FD - 258) 
  • Immigration

Information & Live Scan Request Forms

(Forms are linked to the issuing agency we are not responsible for any updates or Legal advise please check with your agency before use)

Ink Card Service (FD-258) > FBI and International Use

(IHSS) In Home Support Service IHSS Live Scan Request Form > Elder Care

Adoption Live Scan Request Form > 

Firearm Permit Eligibility Live Scan Request form

Adult Day Residency  Rehab Live Scan Request Form > 

Ambulance Drive (DMV) Live Scan Request Form > 

Attorney (California State Bar) >

Certified Nurse Assistance (CNA) or Home Health Aide (HHA) > 

Check Casher Live Scan Request Form> 

Custodian of Records Live Scan Request Form> 


Day Care Center ( 6/LESS Children ) Live Scan Request Form

Day Care Center (6/MORE Children) Live Scan Request Form > 

Dental License Live Scan Request Form > 

Emergency Child Placement Live Scan Request Form > 


Family Day Care Employee Live Scan Request Form > 

Family Day Care Volunteer Live Scan Request Form > 

Fingerprint Roller Live Scan Request Form >  

Foster Family Agency/Home Live Scan Request Form > 

Foster Family Adoption Employee Live Scan Request Form > 


Group Home (6/Less) Live Scan Request Form > 

Group Home (6/More) Live Scan Request Form > 

Home Care AideLive Scan Request Form > 

IHSS - In Home Support Service Live Scan Request Form > 

Insurance License Live Scan Request Form > 

License Vocation Nurse (LVN) Live Scan Request Form > 

Medical Board Live Scan Request Form >


Notary (Secretary of State) Live Scan Request Form > 

Petition of ADOPTION Live Scan Request Form > 

Pharmacist Technician Live Scan Request Form > 

Real Estate License Live Scan Request Form > 

Record Review (Personal Record) Live Scan Request Form > 

Registered Nurse (RN) Live Scan Request Form > 

Residential Facility for the Elderly Live Scan Request Form > 


Sales Person (DMV) Live Scan Request Form >

Security Guard Live Scan Request Form > 

Security Guard with Firearm Live Scan Request Form > 

Teacher Credentialing License (California) Live Scan Request Form > 

Visa Immigration Live Scan Request Form >

Adoption Live Scan Request Form> 

Adult Day Residency  Rehab > 

Ambulance Drive (DMV) > 

Attorney (California State Bar) >

Certified Nurse Assistance (CNA) > 

Check Casher > 

Custodian of Records > 


Day Care Center ( 6/LESS Children ) > 

Day Care Center (6/MORE Children) > 

Dental License > 

Emergency Child Placement > 


Family Day Care Employee > 

Family Day Care Volunteer > 

Fingerprint Roller > 

Foster Family Agency/Home >

Foster Family Adoption Employee > 


Group Home (6/Less) > 

Group Home (6/More) > 

Home Care Aide > 

 Insurance License >

License Vocation Nurse (LVN) > 

Medical Board > 


Notary (Secretary of State) > 

Petition of ADOPTION > 

Pharmacist Technician > 

Real Estate License > 

Record Review (Personal Record) > 

Registered Nurse (RN) > 

Residedential Facility for the Elderly > 


Sales Person (DMV) >

Security Guard > 

Security Guard with Firearm > 

Teacher Credentialing License (California) > 

Teacher at a school > Price depends on your live scan form Please call for Quote

Visa Immigration > 



Mobile Services

Let us come fingerprint you at your location.

Fingerprinting on your schedule

Live Scan and ink fingerprinting

Our specialists use our state-of-the-art system to take high quality live scans. We also offer ink fingerprinting by request.

Flexible scheduling

We’re available 7 days a week and can easily fit into your schedule. Just let us know what your event needs.

Transparent pricing

We charge an event service fee and a per-applicant rolling fee. We also offer volume discounts.

Secure transmissions

All live scans are securely transmitted within 24 hours to the government for processing.

Knowledgeable customer support

Our customer service team will answer any questions before and after the event.

Complimentary resubmissions

If any live scans are rejected based on fingerprint quality, we can arrange free resubmissions at a our location.



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